Saturday, 20 July 2013

Progress continues on outfitting Jock. He now has socks, a kilt and most of his DJ in place.
I want as much of him as possible to be plasticine. It didn't take long to decide this should not include the kilt!

Keeping the  plasticine clean is as big a problem as everybody says it is! The socks and shirtfront will require some careful cleaning before shooting begins.

How big should the eyes be? How do you fit eyes into a plasticine head?

Good questions to which I now have the answers thanks to the charming model below:

Whilst the smaller eye is closer to reality, puppet eyes always seem to look better when grossly enlarged, so larger it is. Making the eyes movable was achieved simply by coating them in Vaseline before pushing them into the plasticine socket. Even after several days the eyes will move soothly with the aid of a pin pushed into the pupil hole.

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